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Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes • Last updated: 17.9.21 Blog by Zane We've all experienced that nerve-racking feeling. Whether we're bidding at a home auction, a local estate auction or an online auction, sometimes the pressure pushes us outside of our comfort zone and our nerves get the better of us.As an auctioneer at The Auction Barn, I’ve observed first-hand the...

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A Collector's Guide to the Works of Norman Lindsay

A Collector's Guide to the Works of Norman LindsayEstimated Reading Time: 15 minutes • Last updated: 5.10.21Blog by Diedre & Moog One of Australia’s most successful and iconic artists, Norman Lindsay’s (b.1879 - d. 1969) works are instantly recognisable - between his irreverent characters, whimsical stylings and charismatic linework, Lindsay’s works are widely collecte...

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Who made my glass paperweight?

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes • Last updated: 22.10.21Blog by Diedre & Moog Besides keeping papers tidy, glass paperweights are fascinating, beautiful, and highly collectable objects which showcase a glass artists’ creativity and technical virtuosity. A paperweight can be a piece of art, a miniature world, or a mesmerising kaleidoscope, as well as serving a practic...

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Under the Hammer: A Type 62 Pattern 1907 Siamese Bayonet

Estimated Reading Time: 10 minutes • Last updated: 5.12.21Blog by Tessa & MoogWe often see rare, exciting, and unique items come through the Auction Barn doors - especially when it comes to swords, daggers, bayonets, and the many other types of edged weapons out there. We’ve previously had some stunning pieces, including a sword associated with the Light Horse, blades from ...

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Stan-who? A Short History of Stanhopes

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes • Last updated: 10.12.21Blog by Moog, with Photography by Daniel  A very small pair of binoculars recently came to the barn, and despite its diminutive size - only about 2cm by 2cm - it contained a whole world within…To be specific, it contains scenes from Toulon, a port town about an hours’ drive from Marseilles, captured in this tin...

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'Papa' Biedermeier: From Furniture to Flowers

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes • Last updated: 24.01.2022Blog by Ngaire & MoogAfter a long twelve years of conflict, spanning the entire European continent, the European economic climate was forever changed. The death toll was high, and power had shifted from one country to another. With these upheavals came changes amongst the different classes, with a new growing middl...

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The Premier Collector's Auction - March 9th

The Premier Collector's Auction - March 9thWe achieved fantastic results for our vendors and customers, all featured in our showrooms here in Fyshwick: from fine art featuring famed Australian and International artists, to antique furniture from a notable Queensland estate, and rare and beautiful decorative objects.Now we're launching an exciting new fine selection of pieces for sale known as the ...

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The Bob Baker (b.1937 - d.2018) Charity Auction for Rally for Recovery, Tomakin

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes • Last updated: 6/12/2022Blog by MoogThe Auction Barn would like to present – on behalf of one of our charity partners, Rally for Recovery - Tomakin – the sale of notable works by Bob Baker.A respected fixture of the Australian art world, Robert ‘Bob’ Baker (b.1937 – d.2018) took a humanist approach to a wide variety of subjects from physics to landscape...

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Maximizing Your Museum and Back Vintage Wine Experience

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes • Last updated: 29/03/2023Blog by ZaneFor those unfamiliar with museum and back vintage wines, drinking them can be a unique and exciting experience. To ensure you get the most out of your wine, we have put together some advice.When opening an older bottle of wine, it is essential to be gentle. Just as elderly individuals may not be as robust as the...

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The Auction Barn Year in Review: A Thank You!

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes • Last updated: 23/12/2022Blog by Moog As we close out the year at the Barn, we reflect on a huge year for our team and our customers.We’ve done an incredible amount over the past twelve months, including fifty general and fifty antiques auctions - one for every week of the year!It’s been a big year too for our specialty sales: keeping up our m...

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Why are Single Vendor Auctions So Successful?

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes • Last updated: 10/05/2023Blog by ZaneWhat fun it is to search the archives! A retrospective deep dive! Single-vendor auctions have emerged as one of the most popular ways to sell unique collections in recent times. Such sales offer a targeted audience of collectors and enthusiasts, providing a great opportunity for vendors to maximize the...

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Buy It Now

In-store 'Buy it Now Shops' – Commencing October 31st!We are thrilled to share some exciting developments happening at The Auction Barn.In our ongoing endeavor to provide diverse and unparalleled experiences to our community and partners, we're delighted to announce the inauguration of our new 'Buy Now' section, launching on October 31st!For 14 -years, The Auction Barn has been trading; we're a sm...

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Introducing the “Buy Now” Section, Commencing October 31st!

In-store 'Buy it Now Shops' – Commencing October 31st!We are thrilled to share some exciting developments happening at The Auction Barn. In our ongoing endeavor to provide diverse and unparalleled experiences to our community and partners, we're delighted to announce the inauguration of our new "Buy Now" section, launching on October 31st!The Buy Now section will be physical stores located in our ...

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The Fine Sale, Session Three: The Tea Caddy (A History of Tea in Objects, #1)

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes • Last updated: 2.03.2022Blog by MoogTea is a staple of modern life: there’s nothing better than a hot cuppa on a cold day, and as we head out of Summer and into Autumn and Winter here in Canberra, we’d like to explore a unique object tied closely to the history of tea.Our Fine Antiques Auction is exceedingly lucky to have a fine selection of items ...

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Guess the Object: #3, 4, and 5 spectacular!

Estimated Reading Time: 10 minutes • Last updated: 21/12/2022Blog by Moog It’s been a while since we revealed the answers to a few interesting mystery items we’ve had the pleasure of selling at the Auction Barn over 2021 and 2022, and to close out the year we’ve made a post regaling the history of some of these most peculiar objects! In late August 2021, we also asked you ...

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Double Letter License Plate 'XX' Up For Auction

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes • Last updated: 05/05/2023Blog by ZaneLicense plates are not just a functional requirement for vehicle registration, but also cultural artifacts that reflect the identity and history of different regions and nations. Collecting license plates can provide a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the past and present of transportation, technolo...

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Auction Barn Finds: A Wealth of Coin Purses

Items come to the barn in multiple ways - storage unit emptying, estate clearances, or op-shop (and tip!) finds. We rarely know what’s coming unless there’s a handy inventory provided, and sometimes opening up a box filled with treats is like Christmas morning! We’d like to show you the results of one of these such finds: a charming antique timber box full to the brim with a wonderful collect...

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An Out of this World Piece: A Star Wars Billboard from Toltoys

Some of our visitors may have noticed that the Auction Barn recently has become the home of a very large bit of Star Wars memorabilia – but did you know it’s a part of Australian Star Wars history?This huge three piece poster is a variation on one of the original 1977 Star Wars posters illustrated by the legendary Tom Jung, who created the most iconic early images of the franchise now so ubiquitou...

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An Auction in the 'Forrest'

 On occasion, the Barn is lucky enough to be invited to sell the contents of a home, and oversee the dispersal of a lifetime of collecting. Artworks go to grace new walls, antique porcelain and vintage cutlery now laid out on modern dining tables, and a happy owner brings home an old (new) bedroom lamp. Some estates are special, however, because of the quality and style of the pieces ins...

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A Staffordshire Figure of Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington

We have a new visitor joining us here at the Auction Barn this week - and a most distinguished guest he is! - in the form of the splendid Staffordshire figure of Arthur Wellesley, more commonly known as the Duke of Wellington.[To Right: the titular Staffordshire figure of a gentleman in a rather fancy chair, resting his hand under his chin pensively, with a paper in the other]This model of the mod...

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A Diamond (Mark) in the Rough: Decoding British Registry Marks

Decoding British Registry MarksEstimated Reading Time: 20 minutes • Last updated: 21.12.21Blog by MoogAn experienced hunter of antiques or vintage pieces always knows to look for marks - signatures, stamps, numbers, manufacturer’s name plates or even stickers and scribbles left by previous owners can be the ticket to a wealth of information on the piece itself and its provenance. Th...

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A Brief Guide to: Cufflinks

Cufflinks were invented at the end of the 18th century. As men’s shirts moved from being only undergarments, ruffs fastened with string or ribbon emerged from jacket sleeves. But men’s fashion was highly competitive back then. Before long, trend-setters figured out they could better flaunt their wealth if they replaced the ribbons with bejewelled buttons linked with a small chain. By the mid-...

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A Brief Guide to: Crystal Tableware

What precisely is crystal? It’s simple: to be crystal, glass must have at least 24% lead content. But why is it so much better than glass? Again, it’s simple: Crystal is much stronger than standard glass, which means crystal wine and water glasses are much thinner than standard glasses. And it’s true, a thin crystal rim feels so much better to use. Better “mouth feel” is what wine aficionados...

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A Brief Guide to – Cloisonné

Cloisonné (in English Clo-so-nee) is an ancient technique in which small cells are created from thin strips of wire and stuck all over a metal object to create a decorative pattern. The small cells, called cloisons, are then filled with coloured material. The wire usually remains visible in the finished piece, separating the different coloured cloisons.Cloisonné is believed to have been invented i...

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(Un)sinking a Ship: The HMS Resource II in Pictures

Every week at the Auction Barn, we receive loads of fascinating objects, from the vintage to the ancient, from the luxurious to the everyday. Everything has a story, and today we’ll tell you the story we discovered from a small metal cigar tin filled with photographs. Recently in the news, we’ve heard of the finding of the wreck of the Endeavour, a ship whose history is indelibly linked to the his...

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