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The Premier Collector's Auction - March 9th

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The Premier Collector's Auction - March 9th

We achieved fantastic results for our vendors and customers, all featured in our showrooms here in Fyshwick: from fine art featuring famed Australian and International artists, to antique furniture from a notable Queensland estate, and rare and beautiful decorative objects.

Now we're launching an exciting new fine selection of pieces for sale known as the Premiere Collector's Auction, and it’s shaping up to be a big one! There’s one piece that we’ll be showing you today that had the


 whole team talking when it first came in - and it might even have you singing along too!

We’re featuring an early 20th Century Edwardian ‘Edison’ Phonograph. If you’re thinking ‘that Edison?’, you’d be right - this is one of Thomas Edison’s many inventions, and one of the earliest technological inventions able to record and replay sound.

The father of the gramophone and the grandfather of the record player, the Phonograph utilizes wax and celluloid (an early plastic) cylinders and an amplifying horn, much like the gramophone, and a needle-on-etched-surface technique used by records.



 Ours is a rare working example in exceptional condition, and an early Model D, dating to approximately 1908. For context, 1908 is also when the Ford Model T was launched, Shackleton left for Antarctica, and the Fourth Olympic Games were held in London.

Ours comes with a Model H Reproducer, allowing it to play four minute cylinders instead of the usual two minutes, and comes with a great selection of cylinders to choose from.

Pieces this fine rarely come up on the market, and we’re expecting a lot of interest - so pop in and see it for yourself in our upcoming Premier Collector's Auction, here at The Auction Barn, 10 Wiluna Street, Fyshwick.  

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